Crystal Radio Kit 6

Crystal Radio Kit 6

Winding the coil

Limit 12 per order. If you would like to purchase more than 12 kits, please place multiple orders. We can only ship 12 of these kits per order.

Price: $23.99 each

Part Number: CRK-6


Crystal Radio Kit 6 is a simple and fun radio kit. You can find a couple simple example builds here including building the kit with no soldering required. With this kit, you have to provide at a minimum a project board, antenna wire and ground wire. Almost any non-shielded wire can be used for the antenna and ground. The antenna should be at least 30 feet in length, longer is better. The coil has a tap that can be used for antennas 60 feet or longer.

Crystal Radio Kit 6 includes:
1 - 1N60 germanium diode
1 - 0.001uf capacitor
1 - 47K resistor
1 - Plastic variable capacitor dual section 266pf
1 - Knob with shaft
1 - Ceramic earphone
1 - 3.5" diameter x 3" long coil form (high impact polystyrene) with brass hardware
47 feet of 22 AWG green magnet wire

Learning how to build a Crystal Radio Receiver is a great way for anyone to get started in the electronic field. The Simple Crystal Diode Radio Sets we have for sale are a fun way for the family to spend time together. As a child I made Crystal Radio Receivers out of things I find in old scrapped Radios and TVs. Most had no tuning capacitors. I had to tune in stations by sliding a ferrite rod in and out of the tuning coil. I would spend days trying different items to use as a detector instead of a diode, some worked but most did not. Anyway I had fun learning. Buy one of our Crystal Radio Kits for hours of fun and learning.

Dave Farrell purchased a previous model of our crystal radio kit for his Elementary School Class on Crystal Radios. He says the kids loved it. Here is a Power Point Presentation on there project and how they assembled there Crystal Radio Kit. Also contains some theory on how a Crystal Radio works Building A Crystal Radio. Although it was referencing a prior kit, the theory and explanations are still relevant.

Crystal Radio Kit Schematic