Litz Wire

We have a very large selection of Litz Wire For Sale. All sizes of the Litz Wire listed are in stock. Shop Litz Wire here.

Litz Wire applications include Crystal Radio Coils and Loop Antennas also can be used for other purposes like Tesla Coils, Inductors, Tonearms and Transformer Windings.

I have a large supply and variety of Litz Wire for sale all sizes listed are in stock and ready to be sold. Unlike some Litz Wire Suppliers that sell one or two sizes I have purchased a variety of different sizes in the 20, 26, 28, 34, 36, 38, 40, 41, 44 and 46 AWG range. But no matter how many sizes I stock there will some I do not. However if your application calls 185/46 Litz Wire you can always go up or down a notch and use the 175/46 or 220/46 or if you need 165/46 then 175/46 may work in your application as well.

Litz wire is specified like this, the first number is number of strands, the number after the "/" is the AWG wire gauge size. So 175/46 for instance is 175 strands of number 46 AWG gauge wires. The approximate diameter in the chart is the over all diameter of the entire bundle of wires including the nylon or silk serving and is taken from a data sheet not actual measurement.

Each and every copper wire in all the Litz wire is Enameled coated. So each strand acts like an individual wire conductor.

Make sure you know what you are buying, there are no returns or refunds on wire sales, all sales are final. Items that are returned because they are un-deliverable, unclaimed, refused and wrong address etc. can be resent with the re-payment of shipping. For instance you order 10 foot 660/46 and the item is returned, I have no use and most likely will not get another order for just 10 foot. So your only recourse is have the item resent, no refunds will be given.

For volume users I have whole full spools of most sizes in stock that can be quoted based on the weight, most in stock full spools are from around 2 to 8 pounds.

If you need a special size of Litz Wire I can give a quote from the supplier. It usually takes around 4-6 weeks for a special order delivery. Payment must be paid in advance, and is not refundable. Minimum quote for any size is 10Kg (22 pounds) and manufacturer will supply the wire within + or - 10% of the purchased weight. So you may get a little more or a little less with a special order.

Unless otherwise noted, all of our Litz Wire from 66 strands and up is Type 2, all below 66 strands are Type 1 and is of the easy to solder type. Can be soldered with a very hot soldering iron. The wire is rated 400 volts, 155 degree centigrade temperature rating and has a single serving of nylon or silk.

I have no way to test the "Q" of the wire so I sent some out and had it tested here is the results for the 660/44 Litz Wire.

Here are his specifications on the coil and the "Q" results tested with a HP 4342 Q meter :

Some side by side comparisons with KL and more "Q" measurments at very bottom of page.

42 turns on a styrene 4.5 inch coil form - with 10 inch pigtails, that's about 51.1 feet of wire (the coil measured 172 uH):

200Khz - 680 Q
300Khz - 890 Q
400Khz - 1050 Q
500Khz - 1160 Q
600Khz - 1268 Q
700Khz - 1270 Q
800Khz - 1240 Q
900Khz - 1200 Q
1200Khz - 1030 Q
1400Khz - 905 Q
1600Khz - 770 Q
1700Khz - 683 Q
This gives a good idea of the quality of the wire in general.

Another user of my Litz Wire stated that it winds very well and solders easily. The Litz Wire can be soldered with a soldering iron. He tested the "Q" of the 100/46 Litz Wire he purchased with a TS-617C/U Q-Meter it has a maximum range of 750 and the "Q" was higher than the meter range of 750. I do not know the test parameters however again just showing the Litz Wire is of good quality the low price does not mean low quality.

All the information was supplied free by users and they were not paid for there "Q" results.

For recommended frequencies for various Litz Wire sizes: Litz Wire Frequency Table

If you need any more information send me an email before you purchase.

I have added a calculator to figure out the inductance of a coil by entering the coil diameter, wire diameter and number of turns. Also a calculator for resonate frequency of a parallel Coil and Capacitor

LC Inductance Calculator

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