384pf Air Variable Capacitor (Factory Defects No Refunds)

Factory defects. AS IS NO REFUNDS. See below for details.

Originally $44.00.

Price: $22.00 each

Part Number: VarCapAir384



We are no longer restocking these. Our last order of these from the manufacture had too many defective parts. Therefore, to allow people who don't mind some rework to make use of them, we are selling them as is with no refunds at a significantly reduced price. The primary issue is bad solder joints. The plates are held in place by the solder. When the solder joint is bad, the plates may make contact causing them to short out. While resoldering, make sure the plates stay aligned and do not make contact through the full rotation. If you don't mind a little resoldering they are otherwise great air variable capacitors. Some of these may test ok but I am not sorting them or pre-testing them. The likely bad solder spots are shown in the below photos with read arrows. Feel free to let me know if you have any questions [email protected]


Variable Capacitor Solder Joint

Made in the United States! This is an Air Variable Capacitor. The 365pf Variable Capacitors were very common years ago. The manufacturer I use now makes a 384pf variable capacitor. Older versions from this manufacturer were rated 381pf. The extra 20pf of these from a 365 pf capacitors is small so they should work fine to replace any variable capacitor that calls for 365 pf .

The 384pf Variable Capacitor is very popular with Crystal Radio Set ( Xtal Radio Set ) builders and is still popular with Ham Radio enthusiasts using them in all kinds of electrical circuits.

These 384pf Air Variable Capacitor are good quality ball bearing front shaft.

Minimum capacitance: ~15pf