CD4045BE Precision Timer

CD4045BE Precision Timer

Price: $1.28 each

Part Number: CD4045BE


The CD4045 is a precision timer it produces a ultra precise 1 second clock rate when used with a 2.097152 Mhz crystal. Most clock devices divide each second by 32Khz. The CD4045BE divides each second by 2.097152 Million times.

The CD4045 has a complementary output. The CD4045 is in a 16 pin Dip Package. Although it has a lot of pins only a few are used.

The CD4045BE can also be driven by an external oscillator giving a divide by 2.097152 Million output for extra long time delays if you need. It is a Cmos device and will opperate on a 5 to 15 volt supply.

Parts kit CD4045ACC is available for the CD4045BE.