Bogen T725 Audio Transformer

Bogen T725 Audio Transformer

Price: $14.99 each

Part Number: BOGEN-T725


The Bogen T725 Audio Transformer is an excellent audio matching transformer for your crystal radio. This allows you to use lower impedance headphones with your crystal radio set.

This Bogen T725 has 3 black wires. The outer two black wires are 8 ohms. The inner black wire is the common (ground) connection.

Bogen T725 Specs:

Color Impedance (Ohms)
White 40K
Gray 20K
Violet 10K
Blue 5K
Green 2.5K
Yellow 1.2K
Orange 600
Red 300
Brown 150
Inner Black Common
Far left black to far right black 8 ohms