BAT46 Schottky Diode

BAT46 Schottky Diode

Price per 1 each diode.
BAT46 Datasheet

Price: $0.39 to $0.49 each

Part Number: BAT46

Each Price
1 to 24 $0.49
25 + $0.39
@ each =


I did a lot of research to find this diode (Schottky Bat-46) actual has a lower forward break down voltage than a germanium diode at less than 10ma it has a forward voltage of .25 germanium has .35 volt.

Experiment with the Schottky BAT46 diode in your next crystal radio set ( Xtal Radio Set ) project.

The Schotty Barrier Diodes like the BAT 46 are becoming ever more popular in Ham Radio and Amateur Radio community. The are being used as up converters and down converters ( Mixers ) and a host of other applications in radio and RF circuits. Generally replacing the germanium type diodes.