1N277 Germanium Diode

1N277 Germanium Diode

Price per 1 each diode.
1N277 Datasheet

Price: $4.49 each

Part Number: 1N277


The 1N277 Germanium diode is similar to the 1N270 except it is rated at 110 volts at 75ma. This diode can be used in crystal ( Xtal ) radio sets also.

The 1N277 not used as much as the other germanium diodes in Ham Radio and Amateur Radio circuits but has high voltage rating making them very good for shunting the input to a radio receiver.

Some places are selling silicon diodes as a substitute or equivalent replacement with the 1N277 number as germanium. Some of there data sheets even say germanium in the header but state silicon in the data area. Mine are germanium point contact diodes and not Schottky Silicon Diode.